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Alumni Notes 2011

John Atkins, Class of ’08 (left)
John is a junior at the University of Colorado studying for an English degree, and will likely graduate in December 2012. He spent fall of 2010 in Barcelona studying Spanish and Spanish culture.

Sophie Jeong, Class of ‘10
I am attending SoongSil University in Korea, and my major is Global Media. I am studying about media art and computer programming, such as C language. Everything that I learned at Headwaters School was very helpful. Especially the art class and literature class helped me a lot. I studied English as a second language and sometimes it was hard to catch up the lessons. However, teachers and students helped me kindly when I was in trouble—so I did not give up, and graduated high school successfully in a foreign country. I also gained language skills and good friends too. Therefore I was able to get in to the University that I wanted and I thank teachers and friends at Headwaters!

Alex von Ohlen, Class of ’10
I just finished a class titled “Thinking Sociologically” that was AWESOME (my professor is incredible!) and I’m about to begin my first physics class. I’m so excited! It’s the first class on my way to a major. Also, I’m going to India for the first time with my best girl-friend to go to her cousin’s traditional Indian wedding and study yoga! I’m still a member of the Colorado College Equestrian team, and I’ve been hiking this climb called ‘The Incline’ twice a week— the top is at about 8600 ft. and the steepest section is at a grade of 68%. I’m hoping to be able to run up it in 30 minutes; so far I’ve made it up in about 50 minutes! Everett Webre, Class of ‘10 Last year I worked for a few months as an intern at an advertising agency, then I travelled for about 5 months to Bangkok and taught English and other subjects to children at the orphanage The Mercy Centre. I lived in the slums with the orphans and was in a house with 37 little boys to whom I had to be a big brother. This year I started my freshman year at UVM and I’m just finishing up the first semester.

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