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Headwaters Voices: EvaClaire Albion-Wright, Class of 2009

Headwaters Voices is a series of blog posts by Headwaters community members. These posts give a snapshot of what is happening on our campuses and beyond at any given time.This post is from EvaClaire Albion-Wright, who graduated from Headwaters in 2009.

Throughout my time at Smith (an all-women’s institution located in Northampton, MA) I have been very fortunate to have some phenomenal experiences. The summer after my sophomore year, I taught 7th grade English for a program called Breakthrough. Breakthrough is a college prep program that helps students achieve their college dreams through mentorship and a summer program that employs college students to teach the youth. That summer I had two realizations: 1. That I want to work with teenagers and 2. That teaching is the most challenging and rewarding profession.

While studying abroad in India, I decided that non-profit work with refugees is how I want to spend my life. In order to test this desire I interned with the Amala Foundation the summer after my junior year. Amala is an Austin-based non- profit that works with local, refugee, and international youth. Amala’s core belief is that a sustainable global peace movement begins with the youth of the world coming together to heal and commit to being leaders for peace. I was honored to be asked to be a counselor at Amala’s Global Youth Peace Summit. The Summit aims to begin honest dialogue with youth about peace and the world in which we live. It also gives the youth a space to heal (many of our inner city and refugee youth are working to overcome traumas and obstacles that seem insurmountable). The summit was the best week of my life. I feel that if these students can face their personal pain and begin to grow with a commitment to world peace, then anything is possible.

I am now in my senior year at Smith and find myself surprisingly drawn to a career in social services or humanitarian aid.

I believe that Headwaters’s encouragement and support was fundamental in helping me become the person I am today. Headwaters instilled in me both a strong faith in my leadership abilities and an intense dedication to living this life in service. For that, I am overwhelmingly appreciative.

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