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Headwaters Voices: Esther Bramlett, Class of 2008

Headwaters Voices is a series of blog posts by Headwaters community members. These posts give a snapshot of what is happening on our campuses and beyond at any given time.This post is from Esther Bramlett, who graduated from Headwaters in 2008.

estherdance2I recently graduated from the University of San Francisco in May 2012 with my BA in Exercise and Sports Science. Though I minored in Art History, I performed every semester with the USF Dance Ensemble. I dance three days a week with my boyfriend, Justin, who is a professional contemporary dancer here in San Francisco. Justin and I recently ran a 13-mile obstacle course called Tough Mudder in April that I’m very proud of accomplishing. It is a military-style obstacle course with challenges like jumping into a tub of ice water!

At my university, I studied Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology, Exercise Physiology, Western Art History, Feminist Art, Impressionism, Dance, and Social Justice along with many other interesting classes. I really enjoyed college. Also, throughout school I volunteered at physical therapy clinics and worked as a lifeguard part time. I thought that I’d be pursuing a doctorate in physical therapy by this time, but I’ve completely fallen in love with massage. I will be certified in Deep Tissue and Sports massage by December and talked myself into an Estherinterview with one of the top massage clinics here in San Francisco! The clinic works with professional ballet dancers in the SF Ballet–I love doing bodywork with dancers the most. Massage has really touched my heart and I am determined to split my life between being a massage therapist and a performing dancer.

I am committed to beauty, specifically the beauty that comes with following my true nature, which is to facilitate healing and to maintain the courage to overcome obstacles and live with integrity. The biggest lesson I learned from Headwaters is that no matter how scared I am, I have the power to live my life with courage and authenticity, and by following my true nature I will always find happiness.





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