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Honoring Our 2013 Valedictorian & Salutatorian

Congratulations to our 2013 Valedictorian, Tara Marin, and our Salutatorian, Ali Orr. We are so proud of these two young women!

taraOver the years Tara Marin has been a shining light at Headwaters School. She walked in the door fully embracing our mission and will take the principles of the school with her when she leaves to attend Smith College. If there were a picture next to the words self-generated learner in the dictionary, it would be of Tara Marin. She is quirky, complex and deeply moved by the study of anything she can get her hands on. Tara’s natural leadership abilities served her well in National Honor Society as well as Headwaters’s Honor Council and Community Leader programs.



aliAlexandria Orr is a committed, reliable and motivated student. Our staff unanimously decided to present her with an award for no-nonsense elegant precision. She consistently earned excellent grades and worked hard to maintain them throughout high school. Ali’s drive and dedication come from a passion for learning, and a glance at Ali’s extracurricular activities will show that she also gives many hours in community service in the Austin community. Ali’s time serving on Headwaters’s National Honor Society helped make our school events run smoothly. Ali will be attending Trinity University in the fall.



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