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2014 Valedictorian & Salutatorian

Congratulations to our 2014 Valedictorian, Eva Arroyo, and our 2014 Salutatorian, Katie Carlton!

eva10Eva Arroyo is well known for constantly seeking opportunities to flex her mind. Her resume is filled with accomplishments in leadership activities including, but not limited to, National Honor Society where she served as President, Headwaters’s Community Leader and Honor Council programs, and the 4-H Youth Development Organization.

As a senior, Eva pursued advanced Science and Mathematics courses through the dual enrollment program with ACC throughout her senior year. She also embarked on a life-changing Internship with a primatologist in Costa Rica this past summer. Eva has shared that she wants the educators in her life to push her 10% beyond what they think she is capable of accomplishing. Learning is of the utmost importance to this talented young lady.

Eva’s passions also extend to the arts. She took on learning choreography and, according to our Music Director, immersed herself in the mind-boggling musical tasks of mastering vocal jazz improvisation in our Independent Learning Program with classmate Sam Lankford. She is also a master in the art of knitting and has been known to keep her friends warm in scarves and one special baby in a yoda hat.

Eva will be attending Duke University this fall as a double major in Mathematics and Evolutionary Anthropology. Eva was selected as one of 19 recipients of the selective A.B. Duke Scholarship. This honor includes full tuition, room and board, and mandatory fees for four years; a six-week summer study program at the University of Oxford in England; as well as $5,000 for research or other educational enrichment programs. The scholarship is worth more than $250,000 over a four-year period.

katie10Katie Carlton is the epitome of self-generating learning. She is a founding participant in the Headwaters Independent Learning Program (KILP). She has been a leader in this program, creating a myriad of projects spanning academic, artistic, and school-based initiatives. Katie was the founding editor and a driving force behind the creation of our first literary magazine, The Rio Grande. According to the faculty advisor of the magazine, “Katie was an inspirational force of nature throughout the entirety of the project. An amazing finished project is in large part due to her.”

Her leadership activities have included serving in Headwaters’s Community Leader Program where she held a position as Secretary, and on our Admissions Council. Katie was a founder of our admissions internship program where she assisted our Admissions Director in leading tours and planning events to promote Headwaters School. She has also served in National Honor Society and held the position of Vice-President. An administrator says of Katie, “It is a rarity to find such leadership and willingness to serve in someone as young as Katie. I have no doubt that she will leave her stamp on this world.”

Katie has worked closely with our Curriculum Director in revising our Project Week program to allow for more freedom for our students as well as increased accountability for excellence in their work. She has also helped define our high school core program for next year. This program will meld aspects of well-being and public speaking side-by-side with social and emotional learning.

Katie was accepted to the prestigious CITYterm at the Masters School for the second half of her junior year. CITYterm’s mission is to “encourage students to engage fully in learning and thinking for themselves, about themselves and about who and what is beyond themselves. Our goal is for students to leave CITYterm with the intellectual tools they need to understand and express the complexity of New York City and the emotional and social tools to participate constructively in their community.” Here she found new passions that led her to a KILP project assessing food access in Austin and the actions being taken to eliminate food deserts within communities.

Katie is the second student in the history of Headwaters to apply to her top choice college as Early Decision binding. She was accepted to Bates College in this program and will be attending this fall.

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