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2015 Valedictorian & Salutatorian

We are pleased to announce Dana Hutchins as Valedictorian and Bryson McIver as Salutatorian of the Headwaters Graduating Class of 2015.

dana hutchins-2-2Dana Hutchins joined us in 2009 when she transferred to Headwaters School as a seventh grade student. She hit the ground running as a precocious middle school student and kept that momentum consistently throughout her time with us.  Her academic record is a true reflection of a young woman who challenged herself across the curriculum both at Headwaters and Austin Community College.  Dana has taken the vision of the school to heart and used it as a way to guide herself through her years at Headwaters.  She has always had the tendency to lead, and was instrumental in our Community Leader (CL) and Honor Council Programs. She used her time in the CL program to influence several major policies of the school and spent many hours working with her peers and school administration to ensure Headwaters remains a mission driven institution.  Dana’s commitment to self-reflection to develop as a leader has served her well over the years. Dana is awake and alive in the truest sense of those words. She is keenly aware of her purpose and her values and explores these concepts in each choice she makes.  We wish the best for Dana as she continues her studies at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon this coming fall.

bryson mciver-2-2Bryson McIver joined us in 2009 when he transferred to Headwaters School as a sixth grade student.  He is a renaissance man with interests spanning mathematics, computer and video game programming, theatre and chorus, filmmaking, and student government. He jumped into the community with both feet from day one and has never looked back or shied away from a challenge. A love for learning is in Bryson’s genes and his level of self-confidence is clearly evident. Bryson graduated from high school a year early by burning through our curriculum and taking advantage of offerings at Austin Community college in the summer and school year. While we will miss Bryson terribly after he leaves, we are very proud of his resolve and his ability to make solid decisions based on his personal and educational needs. He amazed the community with his skills on stage by surprising us with a solo performance of Brittney’s Spears’ “Oops! I Did it Again” or by holding down major roles in Godspell and The Wiz. Bryson also played important roles in our Admissions Council, Community Leader, and Honor Council Programs.  His guidance and partnership with both the administration and his peers helped foster our sense of community at Headwaters School.  We wish the best for Bryson as he continues his studies at Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York this coming fall.

Photo Credit Paige Wilks.

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