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Grateful for Our Partnerships

Thank you for supporting personal, professional, and programmatic development. An acknowledgement of generous gestures that go a long way…

Throughout the year, our students occasionally need additional help, a leg up, a showcase, a little something special… This can be an opportunity for the community to lean in together to find solutions. From developmental phases during which students need additional help in learning to better navigate social complexities, to performances that need a good venue to let students’ talents shine, there are countless ways in which school rituals, events, and learning experiences help parents and staff members partner in our shared goals. These moments often have further-reaching impacts that will last for a student’s lifetime, permeating the way they see the world and how they influence others. We would like to acknowledge the individuals whose support made these things happen–without them, the school year would not have been the same.  

  • We are grateful for the collaboration this spring as so many rallied to keep diversity on our campuses by raising record amounts for our Tuition Assistance Fund–to the anonymous donor who is supporting tuition for a Breakthrough student, to Suzanne Deal Booth, to the Levit Family & Fiddler’s Green, to Gerrit Ilai & his BeYouGuy company, to everyone who donated during our Amplify Austin Day, and to the National Honor Society students who all helped raise money for need-based financial aid benefitting dozens of students.
  • We are grateful to Barb and Jeff Steinberg who supported social-emotional learning, making possible professional development opportunities for our faculty and personal development opportunities for students.
  • 25859232143_9a8f6f0646_mWe are grateful to Roseana Auten, who served as the Annual Fund Captain this year. She and her husband, Roland Swenson, also provided an inspiring match which increased every gift to the Annual Fund by 10%, helping to raise over $10,000 more in this year’s Annual Fund Drive than last year’s. Roseana and Roland also helped the school with venues for both the choral and band winter concerts, gave passes for faculty to attend SXSWedu, and donated wristbands for the SXSW Music Festival to the auction. Then this spring, to top off a legacy of generosity, Roseana stepped in to manage all the costuming for Christiane’s final school musical performance in “Tommy,” not only sourcing or sewing all the attire for the show, but even helping with infinite quick costume changes backstage. We are so honored by the way Roseana and Roland continue to help us raise the bar through their meaningful support.
  • IMG_6298We are grateful to Tiffany Goodman Bilbe, who organized a spring road trip for Headwaters’s Advanced Jazz Band to New Orleans, giving them an immersive experience as musicians in both a great city and each other’s company. Tiffany and Mitchell Bilbe supported the Annual Fund, gave to the Tuition Assistance Fund, rallied cheerleaders for athletics events, and championed the Compassion in Action PVC team.  In everything Tiffany does for the school, she fosters the magic of the “ensemble” in some way, building community spirit and goodwill.

There are magic makers among us, too infinite to list. We all know someone who helped make the year extra special, helped our students become better humans, enriched learning, or created community. Thanks in part to generous families like those mentioned here and hundreds of others who gave well over 500 individual donations of both time and money to the school this year, we were able to sustain and bolster important programmatic initiatives and traditions for students’ benefit across all our campuses. As we move into our culminating days, let’s all remember to say thanks to someone we know made the year better by giving a little bit more. The support of our families is so meaningful and we are all so grateful!

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