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Executive Function: How Planning and Organization Impact Our Kids

Executive Function: How Planning and Organization Impact our Kids

River Campus Learning Specialist Terra Lynch led a parent workshop on Executive Function at the Headwaters School River Campus this month. At this interactive workshop, Terra helped parents understand the components of executive function, including how and why it impacts students at school and at home. Parents also received concrete ways to help strengthen Executive Function, such as planning, organization, establishing priorities, giving and getting feedback, and completing a task.

Here are some handouts from the event, and below are some photos.

Says Terra, “For those of you who asked for for age-specific executive function strategies, I find this link provides specific and targeted strategies by age.”

About Terra:Terra Lynch

Terra taught Humanities, Spanish, and Music Appreciation at a high school in Manhattan before moving to Austin several years ago. She earned her Master’s in Social Studies Education from New York University, and became an affiliate of the School Reform Initiative. She has been an instructional coach, a tutor, and a volunteer, and she returns to NYU each summer to teach a Facilitative Leadership Seminar for school administrators and teacher leaders.

Says Terra, “My brain changed when I became an educator, and now I can’t stop thinking (and talking) about teaching and learning! My experiences living in Brazil, Spain, and Egypt attuned me to the challenges of language learners. My years in project management help me think about lesson planning, data, and outcomes. I am constantly looking for creative ways to make teaching more effective and efficient, and to make learning engaging and equitable for all kinds of students. As the parent of dyslexic children, I am especially attuned to the needs of those who may not succeed in a traditional classroom–I even became trained in Dyslexia Therapy at the Rawson Saunders Institute to better understand and support their learning. As a graduate of an International Baccalaureate program myself, I felt a connection to the Headwaters School. I am so happy to be the Learning Specialist at the River Campus, collaborating with thoughtful teachers in ways to meet the needs of our diverse students.”

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