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Nurture & Sustain: Where Are We Going, And How Will We Get There?

Where Are We Going, And How Will We Get There?

By Keelan Wackman, Director of Development

With year-end approaching, many of us are already thinking about next year and making resolutions and plans for the future. At Headwaters, school leadership and Trustees are doing the same. The strategic plan is revisited, the priorities clarified, and draft budgets thoughtfully compiled and reviewed. We are thinking about who we are as a learning community, and what are our strengths and opportunities. With an eye to putting things in place now that will help to propel the school’s purpose and promise well into the future, a lot of planning occurs at this time of year. As we consider where we are going and how we will get there, there are both practical and immediate actions and there are aspirational ideas which need more resources to be fully realized. That is why this is an important chapter of the Nurture & Sustain Fund story.

This fall, Headwaters School took an important step and bought a bigger bus to better meet logistical needs for families with students on multiple campuses, and in response to students’ increased interest in athletics programs. It was a stretch financially, but with the help of donations it was a possibility. The Nurture & Sustain Fund already supports the on-going expenses for shuttle maintenance, and this year we are asking families to support our increased investment in getting where we need to go in greater numbers. Already we have seen how the new bus purchase supports off-campus programs and our desire to have more expeditionary learning opportunities, and greater participation in co-curricular activities. The new bus seats 48, and has already improved our transportation possibilities, while eliminating expenses for bus rentals and streamlining the number of vehicles to maintain and drivers to employ and train.  

However, supporting the purchase of a bus is not the only way in which donating to the Nurture & Sustain Fund can propel our school forward. Investments in our personnel capacity prove to be one of the best ways to expand what we can offer our students at Headwaters. For example, by bringing back a Head of High School position and hiring Dan Cummings, Ryan Phillips is now able to focus on deepening the experience for Middle School students, and Paul Cronin can also spend time at the Creek Campus helping Elementary Guides with classroom practices that help to align the curriculum and better prepare students for Middle School. As we strategically look ahead, a lack of staff can hinder our ability to improve or increase programs at the pace we would like. Whether it is an ardent science educator, another certified Montessori guide for our Primary Program, a Learning Specialist, a Director of Studies for our younger students, or a temporary ISAS Accreditation Coordinator, we know that the addition of one person to our outstanding team can make the whole more agile, innovative, and professional.  

Stay tuned in the next month as we invite you into the conversation about where we are going and how we will get there. Your support can make all the difference in our journey. Donate now and you can make a tax-deductible investment in getting Headwaters students from here to there. If you would like to further discuss some of these strategic capacity-building initiatives, please reach out to me, Keelan Wackman, Director of Development, by calling 512-623-5419 or emailing


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