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Awards & Testimonials


  • One of Austin’s Best High Schools by Austin Magazine
  • Austin’s Best Primary & Elementary Montessori School by Austin Family Magazine
  • One of Austin’s Top 25 Private Schools in the Austin Business Journal
  • Austin’s Best Holistic Approach to Education by the Austin Chronicle

Parent Testimonials

“Headwaters is a school that has encouraged my child to think on his own, to not be afraid to learn, to be willing to share his ideas and help make them reality.”—High School Parent

“Simply put, Primavera serves the whole child. Primavera Montessori School has been my children’s educational home for many years.  There, my children have learned academic fundamentals, but they have also had the opportunity to learn and practice skills related to critical thinking, conflict resolution, communication and organization.  They have practiced thinking through problems and generating alternate solutions to a problem. At Primavera, my children have been surrounded by positive, loving adults who have helped them to grow into confident, competent, caring, and concerned people.  For the past 9 years, they have learned; they have grown; they have been loved.”—Upper Elementary Parent

“The most unique aspect of the school is the emphasis on character. We feel like our child is in good hands with good people.”—Middle School Parent

“The teachers on the Primavera campus have changed our lives in so many wonderful ways. We truly feel like we are a part of a tight-knit community, and it has made all the difference in the life of our family! Not only are our children learning a tremendous amount academically, but they are also learning just as much about being a friend, being a community member, and being accountable for their own actions.”—Primary/Early Elementary Parent

“Headwaters School has been a large part of my son’s blossoming over the past few years. He went from a self-conscious shy kid to a well-spoken confident young man.”—Middle School Parent

“We are astounded every day by the love expressed to our children within their school environment. As a parent of two children with differing personalities, I feel blessed that the Primavera staff really sees them as equally valued members of the community and makes the space to meet their individual needs. My children’s days are not only filled with an incredibly rich and dynamic learning environment but also hugs, expressions of affection, and great conversations that often find their way home to our dinner table. My girls are thriving and happy, and so are we as parents.”—YCC/Primary Parent

“The school combines nurturing and mentoring that creates an environment to develop self and embrace learning and community. Classroom participation is required but the environment brings it out naturally.”—High School Parent

“I found the curriculum at Headwaters to be light years ahead from a college prep perspective, much more focused on how to learn… Headwaters works for a range of learning styles, strengths, and capabilities.”—High School Parent


Student Testimonials

“I chose Headwaters because I saw its huge amount of potential in changing the world. And it was so close-knit, it was like a family, and all of the teachers are great. You can express your opinion without being judged.”
—10th grade student

“The community’s united attitude drew me in. Everyone acts like a family, and that is a welcome change from my old school where everyone was interested in themselves.”
—11th grade student

“I like the lenience, yet responsibility given. People are more open.”
—11th grade student

“Headwaters is small, peaceful, and it has a good vibe.”
—11th grade student

“I love the people, environment, and values. Headwaters has helped me become independent and self accepting, and that’s exactly what I want.”
—11th grade student

“I like that there are so many friends to make.”
—Kindergarten student

“I love that at Primavera all the teachers really support you in whatever you are doing. They have a certain way of telling you when something went wrong and what you can do to fix it. They speak very simply so you can understand it. I also love that everyone is kind.”
—Upper Elementary student

“I love Primavera because you can be creative with what you learn and you basically get to choose your work. You get to have fun doing it. The teachers are nice and the kids are awesome and it makes you look forward to going to school every day.”
—Upper Elementary student

“I love the playground. I like the work we have. I like my teachers too.”
—4-year-old Primary student

“I like school because I nap there and I do work there, and my teachers help me when I’m sad.”
—3-year-old Primary student

Media Mentions

Austin Post

“Education options in Austin are plentiful, but few schools integrate curriculum with personal values so easily in a secular setting. Headwaters School of Austin is the rare school that does.”

Austin Family Magazine

“Primavera was named in the 2011 Austin Family Magazine Reader’s Poll as the Best Montessori School in Austin. The magazine reported that they had never received so many votes for one school.”

Austin Monthly

“On Saturday night, I had the pleasure of attending… Headwaters School’s Coming Up Together Party at ACL Live at the Moody Theater, featuring performances by Akina Adderley, Bob Schneider, and Alejandro Escovedo… At the end of the night, all I could think was this: If Austin’s children are its future, then the future is going to be very cool.”