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Five Attributes

Week10_Web01At Headwaters School, we intend that all students demonstrate the “Five Attributes of Success” upon graduation. These five attributes are Headwaters School’s mission “on the ground.” They were distinguished by envisioning the capacities of graduates who embody the school’s mission. Moreover, we see these as the fundamental character traits for success in a rapidly changing future. Our curriculum, hiring policies, teacher training, parent education, student services, and programming are based on the development of these 5 attributes in our students: Wellbeing; Environmental/Cultural Awareness; Self-Generated Learning; Self-Expression; and Leadership.



  • Our graduates live purposeful mission-driven lives. They can clearly articulate their values and they live consistently with those values.
  • Our graduates are highly self-aware. When receiving constructive criticism, they are receptive to learning and growing.
  • Our graduates are empowered. When faced with obstacles, they are proficient at shifting their perspectives and taking responsibility for their actions.
  •  Our graduates practice habits that promote general well-being. They regularly exercise and play. They consistently demonstrate healthy practices in personal finances and in physical and emotional health.

Environmental/Cultural Awareness

  • Our graduates are globally minded. They are conscious of global, societal, and community issues.
  • Our graduates are environmentally aware. They practice sustainable urban living.
  • Our graduates are culturally sensitive. They value diversity in backgrounds, skills, creeds, and perspectives.
  • Our graduates are technologically adept. They understand and use technology in enriching, enlivening, and meaningful ways. They relate to technology as a means for contributing value to their lives, their communities, and the planet.

Self-Generated Learning

  • Our graduates are autodidacts. They initiate learning and apply the knowledge and skills they acquire.
  • Our graduates are avid readers. They enjoy reading regularly.
  • Our graduates demonstrate a strong work ethic. They are motivated and dedicated to consistently putting in their best effort.
  • Our graduates have a high level of resilience and integrity. They are self-motivated. They proactively respond when obstacles get in the way of their passions and goals. They are highly adaptable when facing new situations and challenges.
  • Our graduates are powerful thinkers. They demonstrate highly developed abstract cognitive skills. They solve problems creatively and analytically.


  • Our graduates are confident performers. They regularly express themselves in public through creative expression.
  • Our graduates leave a positive online footprint. They contribute uplifting information to the global online community.
  • Our graduates are masterful writers. They eloquently express their understanding and creativity through writing.
  • Our graduates demonstrate entrepreneurialism and/or independence. They initiate, organize, and execute projects in service of their communities and their personal goals.
  • Our graduates work well under pressure. They are calm and confident when faced with a difficult task. They maintain their centeredness during uncertain situations. They are confident and present test-takers.


  • Our graduates have proactive attitudes. They address injustice and difficult issues through peaceful means, while generating good will.
  • Our graduates are team players. They work well in groups and teams, cooperating with others and taking on leadership roles when appropriate.
  • Our graduates demonstrate great communication skills. They are verbally articulate and good listeners. They express their needs in a way that builds bridges with people around them. They practice effective conflict resolution.
  • Our graduates are visionaries. They are inspired and motivated to contribute to the world around them.