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Global Awareness

YCC and Primary

  • Study of different cultures through food, music, art, language cards, room decor, and books
  • A Summer Camp curriculum that travels from continent to continent each week

Elementary School

  • Investigation of human interdependencies
  • Month-long studies of different continents & biomes
  • Discussion of the fundamental needs of all people including focus on clothing, food, housing, transportation, and art
  • Peace education
  • Twice weekly Spanish classes
  • Older students have a semester-long inquiry of different world regions, including written and oral reports and  presentation of cultural arts, concluding with Cultural Nights presented by the students for parents.

Middle School

  • Foreign language education starts in 7th grade
  • Class choices that support global mindedness: World Geography, Ancient Civilizations, Earth Science and Introduction to World Literature
  • One-for-One for Education: our initiative to have each student send another student to school that otherwise could not have afforded an education. We are currently working with schools in Ecuador, Panama, India, Tanzania, Kenya,and  the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

High School

  • 15% international student body  (From Germany, Pakistan, Mexico, Korea, China and Vietnam)
  • Global Immersion trips
  • Foreign Exchange Programs in Ecuador and Spain
  • A minimum of 3 years of required foreign language study
  • World History, World Literature, and Honors Seminar
  • One for One for Education: in addition to sponsoring another student’s education, high school students are actively partnering with non-profit and NGO’s to create the infrastructure for the One-for-One program.