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Videos on the Headwaters Story

In our Water, River, Headwaters video (1:16), hear Rendi Nutt, Kelley Janes, Virginia Luff, Isabelle Crow, Jen Phillips, and Steve Ravel talk about the power and beauty of the inspiration for our new name.

In the video Headwaters, Flowing with Meaning (1:19), Marta Peters and Ryan Phillips beautifully break down the name Headwaters, which is flowing with meaning in English and Spanish.

We love this quote from the  website that so beautifully describes both what headwaters are while describing metaphorically what happens at our school. Take a moment from your busy day and watch this short video.

Headwaters, Inspired by Nature (1:24), spoken in voices from our community.

The beginning of a river is called its headwaters.
Even if a river becomes big and powerful, its headwaters often don’t start out that way.
Some headwaters are springs that come from under the ground.
Others are marshy areas fed by mountain snow.
A river’s headwaters can be huge, with thousands of small streams that flow together, or just a trickle from a lake or pond.
What happens in the headwaters is very important to the health of the whole river, because anything that happens upstream affects everything downstream.

Learning and Life are Like a River (1:45) Hear thoughts on this concept in this video with Ted Graf, Rendi Nutt, Jen Phillips, Viginia Luff, and Sean Fleming.

In the video Living into Headwaters (1:32) Steve Ravel, Isabelle Crow, Rendi Nutt, Virginia Luff, Tracy Asamoah, and Ted Graf invite each one of us to live into this new name as we all bring it to life.

The name Headwaters expresses our belief in the wisdom and beauty that lies at the heart of each of our students. As Maria Montessori said, “To stimulate life, leaving it free, however, to unfold itself–that is the first duty of the educator.” We believe in the journey, and that each student has their own path, much like the way a river forms and is shaped by the contributions of many along the way.

Student Films

Check out our “Headwaters Student Films” YouTube channel for more videos by Headwaters students, including episodes of “Office Hours,” our new television show produced collaboratively by students from our MS/HS Art Design and TV Production classes.