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Elementary Academics

Our Elementary Montessori Program exposes children to the workings of the universe, from the big bang to the Earth’s intricate web of life. We ignite their imaginations with factual, dramatic stories and scientific demonstrations, giving the children a thorough basic framework for understanding the sciences, including botany, zoology, chemistry, physics and earth science. We explore the ways people lived throughout the ages, including Prehistoric People, the Mesopotamians, Ancient Egypt, the Golden Age of Greece, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Each subject is woven into the other to create a beautiful tapestry. For instance, the study of the development of early civilizations connects to the study of earth’s biomes, which also connects to the study of physics. The children are invited to delve into these integrated studies of science and human culture with independent follow-up work. Their research is driven by personal interests. For example, a child who loves political geography may memorize all the countries of Europe, while another pair of children research the evolution of mammals.

In addition to this “cosmic curriculum” (as Maria Montessori called it), the children learn mathematics through brilliantly designed hands-on materials.  Math lessons follow a specific sequence, moving from a very concrete representation of concepts to increasingly abstract. Children learn how to think in mathematical-logical ways. We cover all of the standard mathematical concepts, and then go beyond these in areas such as geometry and advanced mathematical operations.

Our language program includes literature study, reading comprehension, writing (all genres), spelling and word study. Grammar is presented through the study of words, parts of speech, and sentence analysis. Children learn spelling with an individualized program, which spans all elementary years. Much of our language work directly complements and enhances our science and cultural investigations.

Peace education is woven throughout our program. We examine and celebrate peace leaders and movements throughout history.  We learn about different cultures around the world. As the children learn about the challenges we face as a world community, they are inspired to design and implement fundraisers and service projects throughout the year.

We round out our program with enrichment classes conducted by wonderful  specialists. These classes, called “specials,” include art, Spanish, physical education, music, and gardening. Read more about them here.