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About Our High School

The Headwaters High School offers a profound opportunity for young people to be members of a community fostering courageous self-expression and a deep love of learning. We provide a unique college-preparatory experience where rigorous academic demands are combined with a commitment to nurture and support the overall wellbeing of our students. We believe our students’ success in life will be a function of their ability to produce extraordinary results while maintaining healthy and sustainable lifestyles.

Headwaters School is an International Baccalaureate World School offering the Diploma Programme.  IB schools share a common philosophy—a commitment to high quality, challenging, international education that Headwaters School believes is important for our students.

Inspired Teachers

The Headwaters High School teaching staff is known for two very important things: (1) Loving their content area; and (2) Establishing truly respectful relationships with their students. We hire teachers who not only love to teach, they love to learn. Our teachers share their enthusiasm for their subject in the classroom. This enthusiasm has a profound impact on our students. Plus, our teachers care about the students. Not just whether or not the student is passing, our teachers care about the welfare of our students. In a classroom where the teacher loves the subject and cares about the students, a deep reverence for learning arises.

Headwaters teachers:

  • Model a life-long love of learning
  • Listen for the hopes, dreams, and commitments of our students
  • Nurture compassion and love
  • Hold students to extraordinary academic and social standards
  • Honor our students’ promises with support, reminders, and apology-free delivery of consequences

Transforming the Relationship to Teenagers

Headwaters High School students make and keep extraordinary agreements. At Headwaters, community plays an important role in the success of the individual. We know individuals can accomplish the extraordinary with the support of a community. To this end, we establish a different set of standards for acceptable behavior. Headwaters students promise to do their best, to honor the school’s vision, to not gossip, to not illegally use drugs or alcohol, and to honor their promises as well as the promises of their peers. These promises create a foundation for a community where students are safe to explore, learn, and grow together.

At the Headwaters High School, we believe in the power of freedom when it is combined with the motivation to serve, lead, and learn. We are willing to take the risk of trusting our students, knowing that the bad rap teenagers get is in a part a function of the cultures of the communities where they live and learn. The Headwaters staff and students have spent years building a community where student leadership, service, and success are honored and praised by all.

In Partnership with Parents

Each Headwaters High School student is a member of an advisory. They meet each school day with about fifteen students and one of our teachers who serve as the group’s advisor. Being an advisor goes well beyond the demands of a homeroom teacher. Advisors deliver a school-designed character development curriculum that has our students write mission statements, set goals, and conduct holistic self-evaluations. Each semester, the student’s advisor also oversees planning and implementation of a weeklong independent project.

Advisors also serve as the first point of contact for the students’ parents. Our advisors establish a partnership with the parent to support the students’ overall wellbeing. High School is a natural time for students to begin establishing themselves as independent. With the support of an advisor, students can undertake the process of becoming an adult while maintaining healthy relationships with their parents and adults in general.

We truly believe our students’ success in life will be a function of their ability to produce extraordinary results while maintaining healthy and sustainable lifestyles.