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About Our Primary Program

S2_Week7_Web01“Help Me to Help Myself!”—the Primary child’s universal motto.

Our Primary Montessori Program is an “aid to life” perspective. It is designed with the knowledge that children entering this stage of development are increasingly capable people, eager for new and broader learning opportunities and social explorations.

The young child’s Absorbent Mind has now reached a conscious state of being. At no other time in life is learning so effortless, as within this special time of development, quite naturally allowing the child to incarnate life experiences into the very fabric of his/her being! We believe that every child deserves to have an exceptionally planned and well-prepared learning environment, precisely intended to aid in the Primary child’s self-construction. We follow these promptings with great reverence and regard for individual growth.

The role of the Primary teacher is to prepare the learning environment and to act as a personal guide to each and every student: to recognize readiness, to follow personal interests, and to illuminate the way on the child’s journey through active discovery. The Montessori Guide is first an observer, then a facilitator, guiding the child toward ever-expanding concepts of interest and ability.

Primary Curriculum

In Primary, we have the unique honor of introducing the world to the child! Our Primary Montessori Curriculum includes a wide range of interconnected, age-appropriate learning materials, in the areas of Practical Life, Grace and Courtesy, Language, Handwriting, Mathematics, Science, Geography, Culture, and the Arts. Curriculum lessons are given individually or in small group settings. Each lesson is specifically designed to isolate a particular concept and to facilitate the skills of order, concentration, coordination, and independence. The child is free to select the work that he/she most desires and to repeat it as often as the need is alive to do so. Hands-on, self-correcting materials allow the young child the ability to repeat and refine these budding concepts, again and again, until they are integrated into his/her self construct.

We strive to facilitate growth for the Whole Child in Mind, Body, AND Spirit. While our Montessori curriculum nurtures intellectual and physical growth, our Social and Emotional curriculum attends to the heart of the child. Special attention is given to navigating positive social interactions, bringing consciousness toward personal rights and responsibilities, such as respect for others and care of one’s emotional self, and support in navigating effective problem solving strategies and practices. We are clear this aspect of our Primary program is absolutely essential to the overall well-being and emotional security of every child, and so it is with great reverence and intention that we approach these interpersonal aids to life. The Primary years lay a very solid foundation for a life long love of learning, optimism and positive personal growth.