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Annual Fund FAQs

Q: Why even have an Annual Fund? If all the costs aren’t covered, why not just raise tuition?

A: We strive to keep tuition reasonable so that an independent school education is accessible to more families and so that it stays affordable even as our current families’ financial situations change over time.

“Our family has experienced a wide range of educational environments, and after just one semester at Headwaters School we saw a marked difference in the way our daughter felt about school and thought of herself as a learner and beyond. The diversity at the school is of tremendous value in helping young people feel comfortable as they work to realize who they really are and want to be. By supporting the Annual Fund I know that I am helping to create a dynamic learning environment that welcomes a wider range of families. This allows people to courageously see possibilities they otherwise would not, and live aligned with their passions. We donate to the Annual Fund to ensure affordable access to this very unique education for those who need exactly what this great progressive school offers. We give to support others, while knowing even families of significant means will be more successful due to the benefits of the school’s diversity — which will hopefully only grow over time.”

Marc and Jessica Evans, parents of two Headwaters River Campus students

Q: How much should I give?

A: In order to meet this campaign’s goal of $400,000, every family would need to contribute at least $750 per student. This is less than $100 a month between October and May.  Recognizing the range of families’ resources across our three campuses, we encourage everyone to give what they can and be as generous as possible even if that means that you spread your contribution out by doing a monthly draw.  Some suggest giving one week of your annual salary or basing your gift amount on a percentage of your net worth.

Q: What will my gift support?

A: Nurture & Sustain, The Headwaters School Annual Fund,  aims to raise $400,000 of the school’s operating costs, supporting 5% of budgeted expenses not covered by tuition.

  • $20,000 can fund curriculum innovation grants
  • $10,000 can provide financial aid for a student   
  • $5,000 can furnish a classroom     
  • $3,000 can send a teacher to a conference       
  • $1,500 can pay for Montessori or IB training                                                                
  • $750 is the tax-deductible portion of the per student educational cost  
  • $500 can cover a month of a teacher’s health benefits
  • $250 can repair an HVAC unit     
  • $100 can buy materials for outdoor classrooms  

Q: How do I contribute to Nurture and Sustain?

  1. Make a secure one-time or recurring donation with your credit/debit card online.
  2. Make a donation by check, cash, or money order through the mail or by leaving it with a Headwaters Campus Manager. Please make checks payable to Headwaters School
  3. Arrange to meet with Keelan Wackman, our Development Director, to further discuss how or why you would like to contribute. She can be contacted at or 512-623-5419.