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Parent Volunteer Community

PVC Leads

From left to right: Temple Gossett, PVC Communications Lead; Katy Levit, River Campus Lead; Mandy Levy, Springs Campus Lead; Heather Vickers, Creek Campus Lead

The Parent Volunteer Community (PVC) is our parent volunteer organization, supporting all three of our campuses. Parent involvement is critical to the success of our school, and our teachers and administrative team are truly grateful to each parent who gives time toward making our school a stronger community.

We have an executive committee made up of parents from each campus to help connect the campuses, build a sense of community, and learn from one another in creating best practices. Additionally, we have created a PVC Steering Committee which extends the PVC Executive Committee to include campus-specific chairs as well as all committee chairs to ensure that key decisions and plans include interests from all student age groups and campuses. See current PVC volunteers and needs at this link.

If you have any questions about volunteering, please contact us at