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Parent Volunteer Community

From left to right: John Prescott (HS Co-Lead), Nichole Abshire (Creek Co-Lead), Sheila Prescott (HS Co-Lead), Temple Gossett (PVC Communications), Mandy Levy (Springs Co-Lead), Andrea Fleming (Creek Co-Lead), Katherina Bryant (Springs Co-Lead), Not pictured: Kerry Joyce (MS Leader)

The Parent Volunteer Community (PVC) is our parent volunteer organization, supporting all three of our campuses. Our goals are to build community, show love to our faculty and staff, and support the school in meaningful ways. Parent involvement is critical to the success of our school, and our teachers and administrative team are truly grateful to each parent who gives time toward making our school a stronger community.

We have PVC Campus Leaders from each campus which meet regularly to help connect the campuses, build a sense of community, and learn from one another in creating best practices. Each classroom/grade level has a PVC Community rep, and then there are volunteer roles for specific events and projects. We don’t really have committees, and attending meetings is not a requirement to get involved.  

What area of the school community are you most interested in supporting?


Stay and Play afternoons
Community Service
Middle School Dance
High School Prom
International Students


Teacher Appreciation Week
Class projects and supply prep
Holiday Treats


Community building events
Ambassador Program
Compassion in Action
Parent Education
Social Media


Giving and Gratitude
Front Desk support
 Fall Community Picnic

See current PVC volunteers and needs at this link, and click here to complete a short survey about how you would like to get involved.

If you have any questions about volunteering, please contact us at