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Putting Down Roots

 Update: With the help of many, we met our goal and are now the proud owners of these four downtown buildings! Thank you!

8th & Rio Grande: A New Chapter

On a quiet, tree-lined corner in downtown Austin sits a group of buildings that are filled each day with some of the most inspired learning and teaching happening in the state. Our students and teachers have been falling in love with learning on this downtown block since we moved here in 2004, and they now state definitively:

We want to stay!

We hope you will join us in this conversation. To start the dialogue we have created what we hope you will find thoughtful and useful information.


Challenges & Matches


The slide deck below can be expanded to full screen for easier viewing.



What Our Students & Faculty Think

Hear from some of our Springs & Creek Guides about why the River Campus purchase matters to all of us!

Headwaters Guide Thom Gibson took to the streets with his mic and video camera (and took to the sky with our drone!). Following is a glimpse of his conversations with members of our community.


A Little More Detail

Anticipating questions, we created a more detailed overview of our opportunity. We hope you find this to be a thoughtful start to this important conversation. You can download a PDF if that is easier to review.

Help Us Grow Our Roots

Donors to the Campaign

Thank you to the following donors for their generosity and support!

Alfredo Acevedo, Teresa Ager, Gail Allen, Mark and Laura Ambler, Jenny and Kris Arizola-Jensen, Alice Arterberry and Michael Mogavero, Artisanal Imports, Inc., Kwame and Tracy Asamoah, Jerry Aubin and Kerry Joyce, Austin Neuromuscular Center, Roseana Auten and Roland Swenson, Bill and Joy Baldwin, Keely Bargnesi, Jane Barkow and Rodger Fuller, Joya Celiberti Barrett and Dennis Barrett, Bartlett Family Empowerment Fund, Kristy and Adam Battani, John and Anna Bedolla, Zach and Nichole Been, Mary Behle, Belle and Donnie Berg, Oscar and Lucille Berrones, Mitchell Bilbe and Tiffany Goodman Bilbe, Blue Water Realty, Jana and Ken Bodeman, Susan Bremer and Peter Jeffe, Cliff and Kate Brunson, Janna Bureson, Jennie Burger and Bill Fagelson, Jeff Canning and Tracy Levins-Canning, Henry and Heather Chalmers, Chalimar and Tatenda Chieza, Greg and Martha Clay, Amanda Coates, Anne Marie and Chriss Coats-Gatz, Scott Collard and Rae Smith, Lea Comte, William and Harriette Cook, James and Katelena Cowles, Paul Cronin, Elizabeth Crook and Marc Lewis Foundation, Isabelle Crow, Emily Crumley, Ray and Heidi Day, Maria Jose De Prado Freyre, Susie Demarest, Lexi Diamond, Kelly and Linda Dickens, Nora Dock and Sean Allen, Donna Produces, Inc., Chris and Christine Dormier, Janelle Downey, Paloma Doyle, Lisa Dubuque & William Wood, Joseph and Jessica Dunlap, Kelly and Richard Edwards, Owen and Jodi Egerton, John Greenman and Zahie El Kouri, Suzette Emberton, JP, Tra, and Lexi Emmert, Todd and Courtney Erickson, Natalie Esquivel, Amy Estes and Tobin Scroggins, Evans Family Charitable Trust, Nathaniel Fagelson, Suzanne Fanger and Chris Rossbach, Sharon and Michael Fanger, Laurie Felker Jones, Andres Ferraro, Robyn Flaherty, Sean and Andrea Fleming, Mike and Janet Fourticq, Matt Freeze, Paul Garcia, Thomas and Michelle Gardella, Carolyn and Gustavo Garza, Joe and Jennifer Gatti, Garrett and Erin Gibbs, Thomas Gibson, Cabanne Gilbreath, Jennifer Giroux, Jennie Glass, Sherrie Goodman, Ryan and Temple Gossett, Ted and Amy Graf, Michael and Martha Gunlock, Nicole and Robert Halder, Bryan Hale, Noel Harbin, William Heck, Georgia Helen, Tina Hellsten, Skye Henize, David and Erica Heroy, Amie and Bob Hershberger, Jonathan and Lana Hewitt, Ann Higginbotham, Davis Hill, Leslie and Roger Hirsch, Todla Hobson, The Hoffman Family, Thomas and Kimberly Hooper, Allison Howry and Jason Derrett, Harold and Catherine Hulst, Ryan and Veronica Hyma, Rani and Nico Ilai, Gerrit Ilai, Pax Ilai, Julie Inlow and Leo Munoz, IPNB Psychotherapy of Austin, Cheline Jaidar, James and Natalie Jalenak, Nate and Kelley Janes, David and Susan Jenkins, Jan Jensen, Brian Johnson, Mark and Tricia Jones, Lance and Darla Jones, Carla and Carey Jung, Sebastian and Stuart Kaye, Michael and Shanti Kelley, Jote Khalsa and Matt Clawson, Chelsea Knezevich, Carmen Knight, Kathy Knudsen, Robin Knudsen, Jeffrey and Irma Kramer, David and Simona Krug, Paul Lambert and Katy Oliveira-Lambert, Andrew Lantz, Colleen and Francois Lasnier, Diane Lawlis-Clarke, Sara Legesse, Shelly Leuzinger and Tim Ziegler, Jeremy Levine and Jacquelyn Rei Lawrence, Max and Rochelle Levit, Mandy and Aaron Levy, Marc Lionetti, Hanbing Liu, Hanbing Liu, Rachel Lomas and Andy Bowman, Virginia Luff, Eric and Jaclyn Mann, George and Annie Mantaring, Sue Marmion, Kerry Edwards and Stephen Marshall, Tammy Marshall, Eduardo and Debra Martinez, Stephane and April Martini, Claude Martini, James and Susan Masiak, Misty Mathis and Justin Poag, Garry and Cristina Mauro, Elizabeth Maxfield, Timothy Maxwell, Chris McGonagle, John and Christine McIver, Bryan McNeal, Melanie Meador and Cathy Morris, Brink and Rixi Melton, Charles Miller, Patrick and Natalie Miller, Erin and Michael Moffitt, Will and Bradford Moncrieff, Karen Monteith, Tim Mooney, Amy Morgan and Robert Gasper, Tarek Morshed, Mark and Kim Muller, Natural Health Center of Austin, Bryan Neuberg, Sean and Karla Newton, Julie Noble, Jennifer Novak, Rob and Amy Nylund, Jay and Angela Oberman, Jiro and Kim Okochi, David and Traci Osborn, Rob and Jennifer Pac, Manoj Panicker, John Papola and Lisa Versaci, Jason and Jennifer Parkman, Kris and Hina Patel, Physicians Computer Company, Erik and Lisa Pearson, Brandon and Katherine Petree, Phillip and Kathy Pfister, Gary and Dianna Pharr, Arther and Lisa Phelps, Sarah and Ryan Phillips, Madhu Phillips and Joyce Yang, Jennifer Phillips, Scott and Julie Plowman, David and Kristen Post, David Post and Kristen Davis Post, Ross Taggart and Patricia Prince-Taggart, Ping Li and Li Qiu, Jeff and Laura Quilici, Gabriela Ramirez, Roberto Andrade and Cristina Rangel, Ben Ravel, Steve Ravel, Sara Rechis, Sumanth Reddy and Vasudha Chiluka, Lorenz and Jane Redlefsen, Darren and Carolina Reid, Katharyn and Stanley Reiser, Vanessa and Brian Rigsby, Al and Roberta Rincon, Jessica Rio, Mary Rio, Bruce Rose, Jim and Wanda Kay Rudden, Jack Rudden, Lauren Russum, Kimberly Rutledge and Lee Dykes, Lara Schmidl-Simandi, David and Holly Schneider, Monica and Donna Schoch-Spana, Chris and Julieta Seebach, Roddy Seekins, George and Laurie Seremetis, Brandon and Cara Shackelford, Kate Shannon, Thomas and Vanessa Shaw, Stephanie Sherrod, Juliane Shore, Jennifer Skiffington, Nina Smith-Gardiner, James Snowden, Oliver Steck, Eleanor Steck and Michele Solberg, Becka Spellman and Jeremy Burks, Sandy Singer and Ken Spellman, Zach Stamler, Brian and Joy Standefer, Jennifer and Morgane Starr, Sue Ellen Stavrand and John Harcourt, Jeff and Barb Steinberg, Henry Stukenborg, Rosalie Tharp, The Melton Law Firm, Charles and Natalee Thornburgh, Yam and Jennifer Tolan, Townbridge Homes, Jasen Trautwein, Hayley Trentacosta, John and Renee Trudeau, Urbane Homes, Barrett Valdes, Jeff and Norma Van Horn, Brian and Claudine Vanek, Sarah Vaught, Elizabeth Vickers, Esme Vickers, Piper Vickers, Raynette Vickers, Heather and Ruston Vickers, Madicyn Villalobos, Trey and Keelan Wackman, Keelan and Trey Wackman, Robert Shults and Tara Wagner, Mark and Keely Wahl, Tegan Wahl, Rebecca and Phillip Warnick, Deborah Way-Salinas, Ginger Webb and Chia Webb-Cazares, Steven and Lara Weber, Allie West, Alexander Williamson, Gavin Wilson, Jenn Wooten and Dan Gilkison, Brian Yager, David Younger and Debbie Radzinsky, Sarah Youree, Henry Ziegler, and other anonymous donors

The Invitation

We have come to a point of opportunity and invitation. As a community we must decide if we can jump in. We invite you, after examining the information we have provided, to join us in the conversation. We then hope you will join our community members that want to stay and help us grow our roots.

Help Us Grow Our Roots